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Videoconference Designing and Implementing Voice and Video over IP Networks

If your organisation is planning to put voice or video traffic on your network then this course becomes a necessity.

A recent course participant said: "I have seen two large manufacturers about my requirements and neither of them explained half the issues we have discussed today. Without attending this course we would have gone ahead far too quickly and more than likely caused major problems with our network. Although we are delaying our project I feel confident that we will achieve our goal to have all video traffic running over IP in the near future. This session has been extremely valuable"


Course details:

2 day course, delivered on site or as part of our scheduled courses. Maximum number per course is 12. Open courses cost just 499 GBP/699 Euro per person

Course Breakdown

  • Network Basics
    • Packet Switching
    • Circuit Switching
  • OSI 7-Layer Model
  • Standards
    • H.320, H.321, H.323, H.323 Annex C
  • Protocols and how they behave with video traffic
  • Quality of Service
    • IP Precedence, WFQ· WRED, RSVP· DiffServ, MPLS
  • Alternative Networks
    • xDSL
    • ATM
  • Video specific standards
    • Audio Standards
    • Video Standards
    • Data Sharing Standards
    • Control Standards
  • SIP
  • Frame Layouts
  • Multipoint Conference Types
  • LAN Considerations
    • Gatekeepers
    • Gatekeeper standards and location
    • Traffic load calculations
    • Segments and Zones
  • LAN Issues
    • Jitter
    • Stream synchronisation
    • Packet ordering
    • Packet loss
  • Devices and the effects on video traffic
    • Gateway, MCU
    • Hub, Switches, Routers and Bridges
    • Firewalls, NAT's, Directory servers
  • Network Design & Sizing
    • Location of devices
    • Bandwidth calculations
    • Existing traffic levels
    • Operating modes
    • Actual verses calculated speeds
    • Implementation strategy


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