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Videoconference Designing and Implementing Voice and Video over IP Networks

Why provide end users with training?

If your company has a multipoint facility in house then this course will teach you how to operate and manage your resource. This course is designed to teach the important fundamentals of videoconferencing relate them to the management of an MCU.

Included in the latter part of the course is a fault finding exercise not just covering possible issues with the MCU but how to diagnose and assist a remote site with problems on an endpoint.


Course details:

2 day course, delivered on site or as part of our scheduled courses. Maximum number per course is 12. Open courses cost just 499 GBP/699 Euro per person

Course Breakdown

Technical Technology

  • End point components
  • ISDN and carriers
  • Data rates and compression
  • IMUX and TA calls
  • Standards
  • Videoconferencing etiquette

Multipoint Conferencing Introduction

  • What is achievable with multipoint conferencing
  • Defining a site
  • Defining a conference
  • Managing a conference
  • Practical session

Administration Functions

  • Connecting the workstation to the MCU
  • Rebooting the system
  • Changing the clock
  • Setting up users
  • Downloading logs and files

Fault finding and Diagnostics

  • Using the diagnostic features and learning from the logs
  • End point fault diagnostics
  • Multipoint fault finding and diagnostics
  • Practical fault finding session


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